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Notes from Us

Why do we use French seams?

The one thing most people seem to know about French seams is that they take almost a lifetime to sew, and they’re not wrong - but that level of craftswomanship is just what we set out to achieve with our dedication to quality over here at MD. 

French seams originated way back yonder when sewers had no option but to make the clothes or bedding they were making last as long as physically possible. Unlike today’s fast fashion and consumer-based market, where big companies get products made offshore as fast and as cheaply as possible. 

It’s all about quality for us, and longevity of the product. We know some other companies make sheets that fall apart after three years, and the frustration of having to buy new bedding after such a short amount of time was part of the reason we started Mother Daughter. We wanted to create something that lasts you a lifetime - so you can get your money’s worth, and so we can rest assured we’re not contributing to any global landfill crisis!

The trick to these seams and the reason we’re so fond of them is that they’re basically invisible, triple-stitched seams. In most products, you’ll notice some visible stitching, whether that’s on a blouse or a pillowcase - that’s the standard way to sew. Instead, with French seams, the seam is invisible and the items look exactly the same inside out or right-side out. It also adds to the minimalist Scandinavian feel that linen bedding is famous for, so we thought it was quite appropriate. 

If you want a detailed rundown of exactly how to make French seams, the lovely Tilly explains it really well.

Grace xx

Grace Dorman