Our linen & French seam technique

Our linen is 100% French flax

Which means that it’s the highest quality stone-washed linen you can find. We source ours from France, and we can vouch for the quality of every material we use - from our elastic to our tags and needles. 

Our technique is second to none

We spent six months designing and trying different sewing -techniques before deciding on the perfect one. We wanted to create the most minimal look with maximum strength, and we’re delighted with the results. 

For example, our duvet covers have triple-stitched French side seams, as well as a seamless top end, creating the illusion of invisible stitching and minimal edging, providing the pared-back and sophisticated charm of a low-maintenance bedroom. The duvet opening is a unique combination of (invisible) French seams, double-reinforced hems and secured with snaps to keep your duvet in place. When the snaps are closed, there is no visible stitching on the entire outside of the duvet cover. The double and triple-reinforced seams ensure the bedding will withstand even the most restless of sleepers and enthusiastic launderers.

You can see in greater detail the way we crafted each hem for each different item to meet our standards in our product descriptions. 

Linen is naturally hypo-allergenic

It's credited with helping relieve stress, soothe the symptoms of arthritis and help most skin conditions. It’s said that Ancient Egyptians used linen for its natural ability to repel microorganisms and to help with common allergies.

When we say handcrafted..

We mean 100% designed, cut and sewn by us. We’re not into sending work offshore, and when we need it, we believe in enlisting help from the talented creatives that Australia has to offer.

Why French seams? 

We wanted to make bedding that was as minimal when it came to the details - as possible. We wanted the focus to be on the material, and the feel of a great night’s sleep - as well as creating bedding that was able to speak for itself and sit at home, understated yet luxurious - in a well-styled bedroom. For that, we needed to employ a laborious but worthwhile sewing style. 

French seams are a fancy way of creating a lovely, neat finish to the items - they enclose any unsightly raw edges of the fabric within a neatly stitched secret cavity, never to be seen again. And without revealing the method to our magic, we’ll simply say that with this method, the final result is double reinforced stitching for longevity that is invisible to the naked eye.

Linen is three times stronger than cotton

Typically, cotton sheets will last around 3-5 years if looked after well. However, the strength in the fibres of linen means it improves with age and has been known to last decades when cared for correctly.