Mother Daughter

Luxurious French flax linen bedding, cut and sewn by us in coastal Victoria.


Our lightweight 100% flax linen is one of the most sought-after fabrics for bedding with it's soft texture and numerous health benefits. 

Each individual item is 100% designed, cut and sewn by us, to the point of perfection - and each piece is made to order in our studio in coastal Victoria.

We source our linen from France, which means that it’s the highest quality European linen in the world. Quality is at the heart of everything we do, from the fabric to the sewing techniques we use. We also support Australian businesses when buying all our supplies.

We know that investing in bed linen is (or should be) for a lifetime's worth of use, so if you need a custom order we'll happily work with your needs. 

Mother Daughter’s linen is the best linen I have ever slept in, it’s like going to sleep on a cloud every night. Grace and Ruth have been nothing but amazing in all our correspondence and the personalised service was so refreshing.
— Frances, Melbourne
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Mum grew up in country New South Wales, with a no-nonsense approach to most things. When her Nan taught her to sew (at the age of nine), it was with practicality and a view to longevity. Her attitude hasn’t changed in the 50 years since, especially in today's mass-produced market.

Our pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers are all finished with invisible stitching and minimal edging, providing the pared-back and sophisticated charm of a low-maintenance bedroom. Each piece is handcrafted in Ocean Grove, Victoria from 100% European flax linen sourced from France.

We decided to use a technique that will last as long as the linen (a lifetime, if you'll let it) so we've used French seams to ensure the bedding will withstand the most restless of sleepers and enthusiastic of launderers. Read more about our technique and our fabric by clicking above.