Handmade Linen Bedding, Napery and Clothing

Our Story

Mum grew up in country New South Wales, with a no-nonsense approach to most things.

When her Nan taught her to sew (at the age of nine), it was with practicality and a view to longevity. Her attitude hasn’t changed in the 50 years since, especially in today's mass-produced market.

She and I spent a year researching suppliers, testing sewing techniques and throwing around business names before finally settling on Mother Daughter (a nod to country simplicity).

We decided that linen was the fabric we wanted to work with: it’s modest and strong but also soft, making it the ideal texture for long-lasting bedding. We also settled on using a French seam technique, to ensure the craftswomanship lasted as long as the linen (a lifetime if you treat it well).

Mum believes in quality. "What’s the point of buying something if it’s not going to last?"

Whether it’s Tupperware or underwear, she’ll always buy the best, because she knows it won’t fall apart. Her approach to life is woven into the way she handcrafts each piece, and if it’s not perfect it goes to the dogs (literally: our dog sleeps like a king). 

When we first thought of the idea, we did our due diligence and researched any competitors in the market, and with the exception of a lovely young man in Melbourne - nobody else is making linen bedding by hand in Australia. We often wonder why, and we’ve concluded it’s because of the high price to import the fabric from Europe, and the sheer time commitment it takes to cut, pin, sew and perfect each sheet. For most people, they don’t have that kind of patience. Luckily, Mum loves it. 

- Daughter

It is so obvious that our pillowcases and fitted sheet were made by hand and with care and love. We love the linen, love the feel and love the colour. Even our two year old loves his pillowcase. Lots of sweet dreams to be had I’d say.
— Kylie, Melbourne
Photo by  Phoebe Powell

Photo by Phoebe Powell